• SCPL ultra modern plant is constructed & spread over an area of 35,000sq ft. and has been designed and developed to meet the latest safety and quality standards and catering to all sort of demand in the market.
  • SCPL has technically advanced 34 latest Santoni seamless knitting machines from Italy enable to produce fine quality for well known Brands. SCPL has a capacity to knit 15000 pieces of high quality seamless garment per day in all shapes and sizes.
  • SCPL is Manufacturing Seamless garments for Men’s ,Women’s & Kids , which started its Operation in December 2010.
  • SCPL is producing Seamless Inner wears , Sports wear , Active wears , Intimate wears & Compression Body shaper for Domestic & Export Market.
  • Within a short span of time SCPL have been manufacturing innovative, quality garments for some of the world’s leading retail, sportswear brands. Through these trusted partnerships, SCPL has earned an industry-wide reputation for delivering on time, on budget and as per specification.
  • Our skilled workforce can also apply special treatments and finishes to enhance the quality, feel and performance on a wide range of garments. Using the finest techniques, we can deftly add wicking, silk finishing , oil repellent and antimicrobial performance in seamless garment.
  • SCPL has most advanced stitching unit for garments. Garment finishing section is well equipped with Steam presses & Spotting machines.
  • SCPL has ultra modern HTHP dyeing machines, made by Tonello and Flianox imported from Italy for fabric and garment dyeing. Company has capacity to manufacture 6 ton fabric and garment Per day.
  • SCPL has sophisticated modern Dyeing lab with Photo spectrometer , Dispenser & IR Dyeing machine.
  • SCPL has also ultra modern ETP Plant for water treatment which is spread at an area of 3000 Sq. feet. The treated water is approved by the pollution board of Punjab.
  • Plant is Eco-Friendly and having more than 2000 trees in its campus for consuming waste water which is treated by ETP .
  • The vertical-integrated-facility of SCPL is a one- stop-shop for the entire process of manufacturing seamless garments – starting from seamless knitting, garment dyeing, stitching and boarding.
  • The creative, technical and customer teams are well trained and comprise of the best and most talented people in the industry to produce garments of superior quality, durability and comfort.
  • Company possess full range of machines needed in the production of seamless garment. The main and important factor is that we have got all facilities under one roof.
  • Dyeing, finishing, packaging etc no matter what the problem is, it can be solved within the shortest time. The garment quality and standard is fully maintained and the entire products are of the same quality
  • No compromises are to be settled in the quality measures. Any new developments are done fast and in a proper manner. Secondly we use the world’s best qualitative yarn, so is the reflection of the good quality and assurance.
  • We SCPL is compliant through Sedex & ISO certified 9001:2008 & 14001:2004
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