• Sukartik Clothing Private Limited (hereafter referred as SCPL Company) is a venture of the Garnet International Ltd. Group.
  • SCPL is having two business segments , manufacturing of seamless knitted garments and manufacturing of all types of knitted fabrics.
  • With a strong infrastructure and a sound financial base Company is poised for a quantum growth and is seeking to play a larger role in the market for Manufacturing of Seamless garments and knitted fabrics.
  • Within a short span of time company have been manufacturing innovative, quality garments for the world’s leading retail brands like – Raymond, Pantaloon, ColorPlus, Clovia, Rupa, Proline, CareIn and also some International brands .
  • SCPL is Manufacturing Seamless knitted garments for women’s , men’s and kids which started its Operation in December 2010.
  • SCPL is producing Seamless sports wears , outerwear , Intimate wear , Active wears & Compression wear for Domestic & Export Market.
  • Through world’s leading retail brands we are trusted partnerships , company have earned an industry-wide reputation for always delivering on time, on budget and as per specification.
  • With our commitment to quality at every step of the production process, Company has invested in the world’s best dyeing machines.
  • Our skilled workforce can also apply special treatments and finishes to enhance the quality, feel and performance on a wide range of garments, Using the finest techniques we can do special finishes like wicking, silk finishing and antimicrobial performance in seamless garment.
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